Working from Home Jobs in 2019

Have you ever search for the following in 2019:

  • “Work from home jobs”
  • “Make money online”
  • “Typing jobs from home”
  • “Online jobs without investment”
  • “Legitimate Work from home jobs”

You then see thousands of sites competing for you last remaining hard-earned cash or the government support you receive to survive.

The vast majority of these online companies are promoting work from home businesses opportunities using fear and manipulation to get you to pay…

They start with a rags-to-riches story or a flashy video with a sports car, private jet, exotic location and beautiful home… (Suggesting you too could have this overnight). Along with tactics like, untrue last spot remaining, untrue countdown timers, and schedule an appointment to a NOT live webinar. etc.

They then start off with pay $1 for all this VALUE and then continue to upsell to over $1000 (out of your pocket) to guarantee your success!

Many people are just searching for enough to replace their current earnings per month.

This will give them the opportunity to have the TIME and MONEY to bring financial freedom.

Most people either have:

  • Much TIME and no MONEY (unemployed).
  • Just enough MONEY and little TIME (Working at least one Job).
  • Or they are a mum (mom) looking after Children, or a family member caring for a loved one and need to work from home around all their other priorities.

At this stage most people realise they need a new skill-set. But the vast majority of work from home business opportunites do not provide the WHY or the HOW to do it in a way that is simple and can be duplicated for your success and the success of your team.

This is one of the reasons why the success rate so low. Or even worse that many who start working from home get into bigger, and bigger debt.


What is the TRUE motive of the leaders, the company, the products or services.

Number One should be the Success of every member of the team. Period.

Success isn’t making millions of dollars when the rest of your team is broke.

The highest form of motivation is if you trust me with a little and I deliver overwhelming value to you and your team. This is right. You will be a fan for life. Especially, if I have helped you live to do what you are passionate about by working from home, or better still from the beach.

To enable you to achieve your God-given dreams, by aligning goals, and doing small consistent action steps. Just like a child on Christmas Eve, You are so passionate and excited you start getting up early and want to stay up late.

If you do what you love. You will never have to work another day in your life.

Before working out the HOW. Focus on YOUR WHY.

Whatever you want in life. Ask yourself:

  • “What would having that do for me?”
  • “What affect would this have on others?”
  • “What would I have to see, hear, touch taste and smell. To let me KNOW when you have achieved it.”

However, if the home-based business opportunity asks for everything and delivers next to nothing. You feel scammed.

What Skills, Knowledge and Vision do I need, or better still, someone else has that I can access to achieve the success I desire.

TIME to be Your Own Boss

Everyone has 24 Hours in one day. Where are you currently spending your time and money?

Marketing and advertising



MONEY is neither GOOD or BAD. It is what you do with it that makes the difference.

Print a Bible. Buy food. Buy a drink. Pay for the roof over your head. A holiday, a new car, boat, then what?

Learn to do something you have always wanted to do. Maybe, leave a legacy to your children or you desire to give to acharitable cause you deeply care about.

Or maybe you love reading Junk. Or watching junk on TV all day. Drinking excessive alcohol. Taking drugs. Or storing it all away.

Set a time to read this again next week.