Working from Home Jobs

I've finally had enough of getting up at 6.15am, leaving for work at 7am, a 2 hours drive to work and another 2 hours in the evening, before finally arriving home at the earliest 8pm and its usually closer to 9pm. So I've been busy researching what work from home opportunities are actually out there and thought I'd share this information for free with anybody else who's also interested.

I think 90% of the websites out there who write about this topic are scams, most of them even ask for money before they will tell you how they started working from home.

I got caught with this at the beginning, I paid $50 for an ebook, but it didnt actually contain any useful information. Basically what they suggested was I re-sell the ebook, so that was their plan for a work at home job, I'd have to convince other people to give me $50. Anyways I wasnt interested in that as a Work from Home job. So hopefully other people won't make the same mistake as me and waste money like that :-)

Multi Level Marketing - Direct Selling - Franchises

Multi Level Marketing is also known as Direct Selling. You usually work for the parent company as a distributor.

Distributors usually earn a commission based on the sales efforts of their organization, which includes their independent sale efforts as well as the leveraged sales efforts of their downline.

MLM is very different for pyramid selling and you shouldnt confuse the 2 of them.

Below I've given a list of all the 'Direct Selling' type companies which I know of and can recommend.

Baby to Bee

Barefoot Books

Carlisle Collection

Discovery Toys

Greeting Cake Company

Noah's Ark Animal Workshop

Tianshi Health Products

Usborne Books